What is a Go Kit and what should it contain?

A "Go Kit", also sometimes called a "Jump Kit" is your emergency communications equipment in a portable container.

What is in your "Go Kit"?

Well, every kit will be a little different due to the needs o the individual and the situation.  But the basics should not vary much.  Your "Go Kit" should contain the necessary equipment to get the job done.  The container should be some type of bag that you can easily take with you at a moment's notice.  It contains all of the supplies that you will need in order to be an effective emergency communicator when you are called out for an activation.  When preparing a "Go Kit" think in terms of the duration of the activation.  Consider creating kits for 12 hour and 24 - 72 hour activation.  For extended activation create a list of items that can either be put aside or quickly gathered.

Go Kit Gear Ideas